Kevin Bledsoe on the Best Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Trip

Kevin Bledsoe
3 min readAug 2, 2023


Planning a trip can be an exciting but daunting task. Fortunately, the digital age has created many travel apps that can simplify the process and enhance your overall travel experience. From booking flights and accommodations to discovering local attractions and navigating unfamiliar territories, these travel apps have revolutionized how we explore the world. Here are some of the best travel apps available today to help you plan your next adventure quickly and confidently.


TripIt is a comprehensive travel organizer that consolidates all your travel information in one place. Forward your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmations to the app, creating a detailed itinerary. The app also syncs with your calendar, provides real-time flight alerts, and offers maps and directions for your destinations. TripIt keeps you organized, ensures you get all the reservations, and allows you to access your travel plans offline.


Skyscanner is a must-have app for finding the best flight deals. It searches across hundreds of airlines and travel agencies to present you with the most affordable options. You can filter results by price, duration, and airline and even set up price alerts to notify you when ticket prices drop. Skyscanner also includes a flexible search feature that allows you to explore flight options to multiple destinations, making it perfect for travelers who want to discover new places or plan multi-city trips.


When it comes to finding unique accommodations, Airbnb remains a top choice. The app lets you browse a vast selection of homes, apartments, and quirky stays like treehouses and yurts. You can filter listings by price, location, amenities, and property type, ensuring you find the perfect place to stay. With Airbnb, you can communicate with hosts, make secure bookings, and access critical details like check-in instructions and local recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage or a luxurious penthouse, Airbnb has you covered.


Navigating unfamiliar cities and towns can be challenging, but you’ll never feel lost again with Google Maps. This app offers detailed maps, real-time traffic updates, and accurate directions for both walking and driving. You can also explore nearby attractions, restaurants, and reviews, making it an invaluable tool for discovering hidden gems. Google Maps even provides public transportation information, so you can easily navigate using buses, trains, and subways. With its offline feature, you can download maps in advance and access them without an internet connection, making it ideal for international travel.


TripAdvisor is a go-to app for planning activities, finding restaurants, and reading user reviews. It offers a vast database of attractions, tours, and dining options, with user ratings and feedback. You can search for specific activities or explore curated lists and recommendations. The app also allows you to book tickets for popular attractions and reserve tables at restaurants. With its wealth of information and insights from fellow travelers, TripAdvisor ensures you make the most of your trip and avoid disappointments.

In the age of smartphones and digital convenience, travel apps have become indispensable tools for modern travelers. Planning your next adventure becomes a breeze with the right apps, and exploring new destinations becomes even more enjoyable. From organizing your itinerary and finding the best flight deals to discovering local gems and navigating unfamiliar territories, these travel apps offer many features and benefits that enhance your overall travel experience. So, before you embark on your next trip, download these top travel apps and make your journey seamless and memorable.

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